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Reidell's Training Philosophy

Rose started with the horses breeding and training paints and quarterhorses over 30 years ago, and has been doing the same with welsh cobs for 20 years. The breeding program is run with a true passion for breeding quality animals with balanced temperaments and good conformation (for Reidell stock as well as for sale) for any discipline, and to be suitable for any rider, regardless of age or experience. 


Teaching and training using the horsemanship method, Reidell believes that there is a better way to train horses without confrontation. Horsemanship teaches that listening to the horse and paying attention to their body language is the best form of communicating and establishing a relationship with the horse instead of just ‘breaking’ them.


At Reidell, we are always cognizant of the importance of addressing the riders needs, as well as the horse's.

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