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Riding Lessons at Reidell Farms

Lessons for Children


Safety comes first in our children's program. Teaching from the early ages to establish relationships with the ponies and horses. children learn how horses and ponies think and behave, and how to interact with them safely and effectivley. 


Teaching children horsemenship is broad-based, and starts in the field, where the child first learns to connect and establish confidence and leadership. They are taught care of the horse, including tacking properly, and the different types of tack and their functions as they relate to the style of riding.

Lessons for Adults


Adults are taught the same elements as the children, with a focus on horsemanship, confidence, and fun.


As safety and horsemanship are critical to all that is taught at Reidell, students can move fluidly between private and group lessons without losing any elements of the lesson plan.


We specialize in rebuilding the confidence of experienced riders who have had an absence from riding (i.e. families, work, etc.) and want to re-enter the riding world, but struggle with confidence issues.

Line Classes & Under Saddle


Lessons teach how to correctly and confidently present ponies and horses in breed classes, either stock style or welsh on the line.


In these type of lessons, our specialty is how to handle horses for the showmanship in the ring.


Under Saddle, we teach English and Western style riding, and some over fence work.





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