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Welsh Cobs & Sport Ponies

The Reidell Farms breeding program was started with paints and quarterhorses over 30 years ago, and with welsh cobs for 20 years. The breeding program is run with a true passion for breeding quality animals with balanced temperaments and good conformation (for Reidell stock as well as for sale) for any discipline, and to be suitable for any rider, regardless of age or experience. 


Please click on the Dam or Sire's name for their respective pedigrees.


Section A Welsh Ponies


Section A mare, 2004


Registered Name: Bidwell Angelus


Dam: Menai Angelica


Sire: Bidwell Sir Galahad


Owner: Sharon Leatham

Section B Welsh Ponies


Section B Welsh Pony mare, 2007

Recently foaled to Youngs Me Tu


Registered Name: Bothwell Manor Milky Way




Dam: Shell-Crest Born to Boogie


Sire: Riverwelsh Renaissance


Owner: Rose Reid


Section B Welsh Pony mare, 2012


Dam: Bothwell Manor Milky Way


Sire: Clynncopa Prime Time


Owner: Anne Kahn


Section B Welsh Pony mare, 2012


Dam: Shell-Crest Born to Boogie


Sire: Clynncopa Prime Time


Owner: Brianna Simpson    


Section B Welsh Pony Stallion, 2011                     Sport Pony - First Premium Premier


Registered Names: Bothwell Manor E. A. Poe, Reidell's E. A. Poe




Dam: Bothwell Manor Sparkle Plenty


Sire: Clynncopa Prime Time


Owner: Ammie Reid

Section C Welsh Ponies

Lars - For Sale

Section C Welsh Pony gelding, 2012


Registered Name: Reidell's I'm Tu Stellar




Dam: B's Mystical Star


Sire: Young's Me Tu


Owner: Ammie Reid

Section D Welsh Ponies


Welsh Cob Section D mare, 1997        

Sport Pony - Premium Premier


Registered Names: Canterbrook Whisper, Reidell's Danika


Dam: Belvoir Heartsease


Sire: Trevallion Royal Consort


Owner: Ammie Reid


Section D Welsh Cob mare, 2002


Registered Name: B's Mystical Star


Dam: Minyffordd Megastar


Sire: Dragon's Lair Rose


Owner: Ammie Reid    

Half-Welsh & Sport Ponies


Half-Welsh Sport Pony stallion, 2011 - Premium Premier


Registered Names: Shaded Whisper, Reidell's Dani Boy




Dam: Canterbrook Whisper


Sire: Rain On Me


Owner: Rose Reid


Half-welsh, Sport Pony gelding, 2012 - Premium Premier


Registered Name: Reidell's Kalhua


Dam: Try to Hussle


Sire: Young's me Tu


Owner: Glennis Beck

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